Basic Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is an important part of home ownership.  Taking care of one’s home not only keeps the home valuable but periodic maintenance can prevent bigger problems down the road.  Below is a basic check list to perform periodically to ensure your home is well maintained.

The Roof:  Check for signs of loose or torn shingles and exposed flashing. Perform the necessary repairs and also check the eaves and soffits at this time. When on the roof, check the chimney for crumbling mortar and have the flue professionally cleaned.

Gutters:  Clean gutters twice a year and ensure adequate drainage into downspouts. Installing specially made gutter screens will help prevent large debris deposits and blockage.

The Home Exterior:  Depending on the type exterior of siding, the surface may require painting, repair or merely pressure washing biannually. Now finish evaluating the exterior by examining the caulking.  If any seams or cracks are found, sealing them from the outdoor elements will save you from moisture seeping internally and causing a bigger problem with mold.

Doors and Windows:  Check around windows, doors and other areas for signs of deteriorating, loose or missing caulk. Replace broken or cracked glass in storm doors or windows. Repair and repaint the frames if necessary.

Garden Hoses:  In the fall, remove, drain and store garden hoses. Turn off the valve or valves that provide water to outdoor spigots.

Weather Stripping:  Moving to the interior of the home, save on heating and cooling bills by checking the caulking and weather stripping around doors, thresholds and windows.

Thermostat: Check and clean the internal heat sensor and contact points every year. Evaluate the accuracy of the device and replace when necessary.

HVAC System:  Heating and cooling systems should undergo an inspection at least once a year to ensure proper condition and performance.

Filters:  Change or clean any filters monthly and HEPA filters at least every two months.
Water Heater:  It is recommended that you flush your water heater annually.   Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to perform this based upon what type and model you have. Afterwards check the temperature setting to prevent scalding.

Smoke Detector: Test your smoke alarm monthly for proper function as well as ensuring the batteries are still good.

Faucets:  Clean the aerators on all interior faucets and eliminate accumulative debris. Check the condition of water inlet hoses on washing machines.

Household Appliances: Check all household appliances for frayed or otherwise cracked or damaged wires. Repair or replace wiring as needed.

Toilet Tanks:  Check for leaky toilets or tanks continually running water caused by defective flapper balls or other internal parts and replace if needed.

By performing these periodic maintenance checks, you will keep your home more comfortable and secure while helping to prevent home repair headaches down the road.


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