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Decorating For Halloween

As the tradition of “All Hallows Eve’ approaches, it seems everywhere I look, there’s some spectacular spooky display of this fun filled ‘Fright Night’.  One of my favorite Home Decor Stores – (Pottery Barn), has some real fun and inspiring displays of how we can bring Halloween into our own homes with style.  Below are just a few of my favorites.

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter will be here sooner than later, so it is time to begin winterizing your home. Taking the time to winterize your home before the really cold weather hits will make your home more cozy and comfortable. There are a number of ways to protect your home from the effects of cold, snow and ice. However, it takes a bit of planning to do these things, so it is important to start early. Here are five ways you can winterize your home.


Inspiration Image Source HGTV Fiorella Design

It’s 1994, I am officially retired from my Airline career. I have chosen instead to become a full time “Stay at Home Mom” to my 2 little children and my family is living in our very first purchased home.  I’ve always had a passion for making a room pretty and at that time with an entire new home to design and decorate; I found myself to be in a pretty good place.

Water Filter Choices

As the demand for healthier water has increased, water filters have become easier to install and are now a much more viable option to use for many households. Not only does this answer a concern for those worried about the contaminants in the water we drink, but also helps keep the plastic from bottled water out of the landfills. Water filters come in many types so anyone can find the one that will fit their needs. These range from simple water pitchers to whole house filters.

Find The Right Contractor

Every year, millions of homeowners choose to improve their homes and whether it be a small project or a complete renovation, the first and possibly the most important step in starting these home improvements is to find the right contractor for the job.

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