The Doors

Ok, not referring to the rock band “The Doors” but the doors for you home…

Case in point; Because of the fact that doors are often overlooked, we usually forget to understand the major impact they make to our living space. While they are an item of function; useful for privacy and security. They can also carry style and unexpected detail to your home and we often overlook this important cosmetic accessory.

So if you’re thinking about replacing or updating your door(s) before selecting a door style, there are a few things to consider.  Since it’s the first thing that guests see when arriving to visit, the doorway is the first impression to the character, design and style of the house; carefully take this into account and find something that works well with what already exists.

For a more traditional look, stained glass, double doors or standard glass are good options. To create a modern, contemporary twist to even the most traditional of homes, think about painting your door a vibrant color or opt for a metal door instead of one that is made with wood, still try to keep it in line with the home.  Be sure you think in relation to both type and basic safety; your doorway should make a statement but nonetheless still be able to fend off the intruders.

While door options tend to be endless, not all doors are a thing of beauty. Interior doors frequently have little deviation, but don’t stress: There are still some inventive options available. If a regular wood door doesn’t suit you, pocket doors are not only space savers but convenient for a closet, home office and bathrooms and can lend a custom look.

A slipping barn door is a fun trendy and popular option for spaces that don’t require a lot of privacy and offer quite a design statement.

Image Source: Real Sliding Hardware

Image Source: Real Sliding Hardware

For a fun alternative, try swinging doors that are colorful or even modern all-glass interior doors.

Modern Single Sliding Door from Foa Porte

Remember that whatever you choose – go for quality, as doors will not only add character and style, you want them to add value to the home as well.

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