There’s A Good Reason For Not Wearing Shoes Inside Your Home

I’m half asian so I grew up with an Asian mother that wouldn’t allow me to wear shoes in our home.  I’d say, “Oh Mom, all my friend’s mothers’ let them wear shoes in their house.”  Now that I’m older and have to clean floors, I cringe when I think about shoes being worn inside the home.

Just think about it,  your shoes go everywhere you go.  For instance, the public bathroom, that’s pretty gross!  Universities have done research on this exact topic and they’ve found that on average more than 400,000 different bacteria was present on the soles of over 90% of shoes.  Among these they found klebsiella pneumoniae, Serratia ficaria, and a whole lot of E. coli.  These bacteria can not only make you very sick but they can be deadly!  E. coli for instance can cause serious digestive issues and can potentially kill you by lethally damaging your kidneys.

So when you think about it, where would be the major source of E.coli?  The public restroom is top on the list, after that anywhere public where it is tracked back to your home.  That’s right; they’ve found the chance that bacteria transferred from your shoes to home floors were 90 to 99%.  But wait, that’s not all you have to worry about.  There are other toxins such as chemicals, gasoline, contaminated rainwater, etc. all that gets tracked into your home.  The latter may not be as risky to your health but the exposure over time can build up.

So now that we are aware of what we can track into our homes, we can take special precautions to keep from spreading all that stuff around our home.  One would be to wash our shoes on a regular basis but if that sounds like a hassle (which to me it does)  the easier thing to do is keep a nice pair of slippers by the door for when you take off your shoes you can then slip into them comfortably.

So with all that said, I’m definitely glad we don’t wear shoes in my house.

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