Water Filter Choices

As the demand for healthier water has increased, water filters have become easier to install and are now a much more viable option to use for many households. Not only does this answer a concern for those worried about the contaminants in the water we drink, but also helps keep the plastic from bottled water out of the landfills. Water filters come in many types so anyone can find the one that will fit their needs. These range from simple water pitchers to whole house filters.

Water pitchers are easy to find and can be purchased in any major retail store. These pitchers contain a filter inside the lid that filters the tap water before it goes in the pitcher. They come in a range of sizes from around 8 cups to one gallon. The filters are easy to put in the lid and then you will always have nice cold filtered water in your fridge. They are easy to maintain and can be transported if necessary. They are also economical, most pitchers cost between $20-$40.

Faucet mounted filters are also a popular option. They attach directly to the kitchen faucet with no plumbing connections. They will filter the water as it comes out of the tap, making it incredibly convenient to use. This method of filtration takes up little space and is simple to install. These filters are found in many retail stores and hardware stores. They cost an average of $20-$40.

Countertop water filters come in various sizes and will take up countertop space, although not more than any other appliance. They generally filter out a higher percentage of contaminants than a faucet mount or pitcher filter. They are easy to install, requiring no tools. They attach to the sink faucet and have a valve to give the option of using the water as is or to run it through the filter before using. They install on most kitchen faucets. This option costs a little more, in the $40 to $85 range, but the filters need to be changed less often.

Under sink filters are installed under the sink and they filter water before it gets to the faucet. This keeps the filter system out of sight while still providing filtered water directly from the faucet. This system has a slightly longer installation process since it has to be connected to the supply line, but since it is out of the way, there is the added benefit of getting a larger system without it taking up visible space. Depending on how much use the sink will be getting, the price of the system will vary. A simple model used mostly for drinking water is only about $50 while a large system for a frequently used sink will cost $150 – $200.

If water filtration is needed in more than the commonly used kitchen sink, whole house filtration systems are available. A whole house system will install to the main water line of the house and will filter water to any faucet as well as showers, washing machines, and dishwashers. This type of system does take the most effort to install and requires having two shut off valves, but installation kits are available at hardware stores to make the process easier. There are several benefits to filtering the whole home, for instance no mineral deposits left on shower stalls and removal of chlorine will help keep laundry, hair and skin in better condition. These units come in several sizes to accommodate different needs. Due to the fact that they filter an entire house, this option is the most expensive. Depending on size, prices range from $250 – $1000.

With the wide range of available water filters today, it’s now easy for any household to improve their water quality.

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