Creative Container Gardens

From apartment balconies, redwood decks to the estate entryway, the container garden will not only accent your landscape but add a bit of personality to your garden or patio.  Just about every type of plant from herbs, vegetables, flowers and even trees with the proper exposure and care can thrive in the right container.  There are a few things to remember when planning your potted or container garden.  For starters, make sure that your container has the proper drainage, a hole in the bottom will let excess water flow freely through the soil and out of the container preventing roots from rotting from too much moisture. Remember that plants grow so when choosing the size of your container, consider what and how many plants will be going into the container.  A good rule is to make sure that you have double the size of the base of the plant or root ball of what you are planting.  Buy the proper potting soil for the plants you intend to put in your pot, today potting soils come with  time-release fertilizers, this not only helps with giving the plant a boost but will help with keeping it low maintenance.  If you’re looking to create visual interest, think about contrasting colors and textures.  A formula for a good planting combination is known as “the thriller, spiller and filler”  the thriller would be the showcase plant – usually a plant with height.  the spiller is the plant that softens the edge of the container and adding a flowing effect, bringing the eye downward and balancing everything out.  The filler is the planting that usually sits in between hence filling in, adding body and fullness to the plant composition.  Find the right location for your container and be sure that it has the proper exposure.  Watering regularly and trimming away any dead or dry leaves will keep your container garden groomed and thriving for everyone one to enjoy.  Below are a couple examples of container gardens that bring usefulness and enjoyment to your patio.

Image Source: Martha Stewart Gardens

Grouping of vegetables and herbs


Image Source: Martha Stewart Gardens

A good example of texture and movement.


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